Jeep® #OffTheMap. Explore new roads and unbeaten tracks.

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le 30/05/2016

Push the boundaries of everyday life to satisfy your passions, start a new adventure, take part in something authentic and regain a scent of freedom. These are the main values that sum up the new Jeep® brand project: #OffTheMap.

Going #OffTheMap means leaving your routine to experience something new and fun around the corner. The Jeep® brand has selected a crew of European web influencers with a passion for traveling and adventure to tell us all about the special journey they are making over new roads and unbeaten tracks on board Jeep® vehicles.

Every time they drive to a Jeep® brand event they will be taking us with them, thanks to all information and contents they will be sharing on hidden and out of ordinary locations.

The crew that will drive to the biggest Camp Jeep® ever, the third edition of the European Jeep® vehicle gathering, where this year the Jeep® brand will be celebrating its 75th anniversary, is composed by: English travel blogger Paul Steele, Spanish freelance photographerOliver Vegas and the two members of the NGA Club, Luca Vezil and Pietro Caprara. They will choose out of the ordinary routes to travel to the 2016 Camp Jeep® and sharing their experiences on their social media profiles as well as on the Jeep® brand’s channels. Are you ready to follow them? Get ready to go #OffTheMap with the Jeep® brand.

Paul Steele, the bald hiker.
Oliver Vegas, a natural born photographer.
Luca Vezil and Pietro Caprara, the NGA clubbers.


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