The 2010’s: the future has arrived

publié par Jeep®
le 22/06/2016

In recent years the barriers to the development of the most advanced technologies in every field have been overcome, putting innovation at everyone’s service. Smartphones embody a number of additional functions, such as cameras, music players and internet browsers, changing people’s habits in a way that couldn’t have been imagined before.

In these times of innovation and technological progress, the Jeep® brand restyled the top of the range model with the 2011 Grand Cherokee, introduced the all-new Cherokee in 2013 to redefine the midsize segment, and entered the compact Suv segment in 2014 with the Renegade.   As planes without pilots start flying in the sky and computers become more and more powerful, so do Jeep® vehicles, featuring new engine versions. Design and vehicle features recall the brand’s history. The Jeep® Renegade, for example, reintroduces the sharp-angled lines, which for decades characterized Cherokee vehicles. Also the massive front end draws inspiration from typical elements of Jeep® tradition and the X design cue on the rear tail lamps is reminiscent of the X on the petrol tank of the legendary Willys.

Future is a destination the Jeep® brand is ready to reach, till now the adventure has been exciting, but the best is yet to come.

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