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The Jeep® brand and Juventus have a new challenge for all soccer fans. Will a Juventus fan be passionate enough to convince a friend to cheer for Juventus even if he supports another football team? How strong will their friendship and passion for this sport be?

For the most passionate Jeep and soccer fans that are also best friends, the Jeep® brand will offer an exclusive 2-day experience for the next international Champions match abroad, including two round trip tickets to travel on the special flight with the Juventus Team.

Pierre Idà Lojercio, a young music booker, was the first to live this unique experience during the most recent international Juventus match. The Jeep brand challenged his huge passion for the city of Milan’s Inter team: he travelled by plane with the entire Juventus team to Dusseldorf and enjoyed a tour of the city.  Back at the hotel, he was faced with the first temptation: a ticket for the match along with a personalized official Juventus jersey signed by champions like Buffon, Morata and Chiellini.
Right after, in front of the stadium, where the football match between Borussia Mönchengladbach vs. Juventus was about to kick-off, he was faced with “the” choice: either enter the stadium and “cheer” for Juventus or “clear” out and go back home.
Did he accept this final challenge? Did passion win in the end? And.. which passion?

Find out in the video and if you want to be the next protagonist of the #CheerOrClear challenge, comment the video on Facebook tagging yourself and the friend with whom you want to share this passionate experience. And don’t forget to tell us about your passion and why the Jeep brand should choose you and your friend!

You could be selected to be the lucky ones to fly to the next Juventus Championship League match in Seville on December 8th!
Explore your passion.. and good luck!


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