World Surf League

The Jeep® brand & The World Surf League, surfing together again.

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le 21/06/2016

For the second year running, the Jeep® brand is the official and exclusive global automotive partner of the World Surf League Championship Tour.

A strong collaboration based on the common desire to follow the spirit of adventure. Jeep and surf fans share a unique way of going through the world: they commit themselves fully to something others fear–the unknown.

The iconic Jeep® Wrangler and the compact SUV Jeep® Renegade will be spotlighted during the tour and will be available for exclusive shuttle services, as well as for on-site test-drives at all European locations. During each appointment, the Jeep® Lounge Area will welcome visitors that could book a test drive on both models and collect information on the entire Jeep® range. The World Surf League Championship Tour kicks off in South Africa on July 6th to the 17th.

Stay tuned to learn more about the upcoming stage.

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