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Jeep® & Juventus: a photo-reportage by Ari Marcopoulos to capture the passion for challenge.

Publicado por Jeep®
le 17/05/2017

Jeep® and Juventus have many things in common. Both are managed by fun and passion, because to be truly passionate means to go beyond your limits to achieve greatness.

Adventure is never ordinary and you often have to express your passion on battlefields other than those you know. Each path can open up to new challenges and opportunities, it can bring you new obstacles to tackle.

Starting from the claim “Go anywhere, do anything”, the photographer Ari Marcopoulos wanted to challenge 6 formidable Juventus players to play on a playground far from the soccer world but near the Jeep® one: the street. The same field in which the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the undisputed master.

The result? A suggestive black and white photo-reportage in which the 6 Juventus players Dybala, Higuain, Alex Sandro, Chiellini and Dani Alves move and play around the Jeep® vehicle.

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Publicado por Jeep®
le 17/05/2017
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le 24/01/2016
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le 19/01/2016
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