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The way cars are made has evolved, but Jeep®’s passion and spirit have remained the same and have given way to a legend. A history that has lasted 70 years, a unique adventure that talks about freedom and authenticity.

We want to bring our legend to new places and explore digital territories together by involving the bloggers with which Jeep feels a sense of mutual values.

The bloggers will be co–protagonists on the portal and on all the Jeep-People’s social channels. They will get the chance to be involved in exclusive experiences together with Jeep, such as the Goodwood Revival: a unique event in its kind, a magical leap in time to relive the glory and luxury of old automotive competitions that will take place on September 16-18, 2011 in Sussex, England.

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70 Jahre Jeep mit ist ein neues Web Projekt von Jeep. Lest hier warum man vorbei schauen sollte.

70 Jahre Jeep -

Jeep feiert seinen siebzigsten Geburtstag und hat sich zur Feier etwas ganz neues ausgedacht. Jeep ist seit langem mehr als nur ein Fahrzeug.

Jeep compie 70 anni si successi in avventura!

Per chi vive di solo fuoristrada o quasi e si riconosce nei valori di autenticità, avventura, libertà, passione ed unicità, l'americana Jeep ha realizzato il nuovo portale, festeggiando con esso anche i suoi primi 70 anni di storia.

La nuova avventura di Alex Bellini e Jeep

Alex Bellini è lo sportivo italiano diventato ufficialmente il Main Sponsor di casa Jeep®. Ha da poco intrapreso una nuova ed entusiasmante avventura, attraversando gli Stati Uniti di corsa partendo da Los Angeles fino a New York, percorrendo complessiva
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