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The way cars are made has evolved, but Jeep®’s passion and spirit have remained the same and have given way to a legend. A history that has lasted 70 years, a unique adventure that talks about freedom and authenticity.

We want to bring our legend to new places and explore digital territories together by involving the bloggers with which Jeep feels a sense of mutual values.

The bloggers will be co–protagonists on the portal and on all the Jeep-People’s social channels. They will get the chance to be involved in exclusive experiences together with Jeep, such as the Goodwood Revival: a unique event in its kind, a magical leap in time to relive the glory and luxury of old automotive competitions that will take place on September 16-18, 2011 in Sussex, England.

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Alessandro Belluscio » Archive » Automobile?

Lasciando perdere la filosofia sul muoversi a piedi e sorvolando sulla mia bicicletta che mi porta in giro per un brevissimo periodo estivo, l’unico vero mezzo di trasporto è l’automobile. La gente ha poco da riflettere o da provare a far riflettere. Ci s

Jeep: tre novità al Salone di Ginevra 2012 | Storie di automobili (e uomini)

L'82° Salone dell'Automobile di Ginevra è alle porte (aprirà i battenti l'8 marzo), e Jeep Europe ha annunciato che vi presenterà due concept car e una serie speciale limitata. Viral video by ebuzzing Jeep  13 appartenente a Chrysler,

Jeep® all'82° Salone Internazionale di Ginevra

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