Jeep® Compass and #TheArtOfWinter Project

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il 01/12/2017

When you have a Jeep® vehicle, you see winter from a different point of view. You have the chance to be free and to explore all the beautiful things the season can offer. You can discover and explore every kind of landscape, and enjoy them as a piece of art.

This was the main vision that inspired Jeep®’s “The Art of Winter” project: two enthusiastic Photographers and Instagrammers, Donal Boyd and Ben Simon Rehn, have been challenged to catch the best of this season’s masterpieces in a journey through the Alps, mixing the natural beauties with the Jeep® Compass aesthetic.

The result is a series of breathtaking photos, shot during a journey from Vienna to Munich, in which the latest Jeep® compact SUV is perfectly harmonized into the mountainous winter scenery.

Want to know more about this project and see all the beautiful pictures took during their journey?

Come back in the next weeks on our social channels to enjoy them!



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The Art Of Winter


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