Jeep & Rolling Stones


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il 11/12/2014

The Jeep® brand and the most famous rock band in the world are back.

After the brand’s flagship Jeep® Grand Cherokee featured as the “official car” of “The Rolling Stones ’14 On Fire Tour” last summer, the two icons are joining forces again, this time for charity. At their unforgettable concert in Rome, the legendary rock band members, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts, autographed the hood of a brand new Jeep® Renegade, which will now be auctioned on the popular website Charity Buzz, an online platform for non-profit Organizations that raises funds through online charity auctions with celebrities and brands.

The auction will be online for 14 days and the proceeds will be donated to the charity, Community Links, which organizes a wide range of community projects for over 16,000 people every year. Now it’s up to you. Watch the video of the autographs taking place and share this article to shine a light on this charitable initiative by Jeep® and The Rolling Stones.

And if you want to take this special Jeep® Renegade home place a bid here.

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il 04/08/2017

Jeep & Rolling Stones

Jeep® & Rolling Stones

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il 26/05/2014
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