The All-New Jeep® Compass | European Premiere at Geneva

Von Jeep® eingetragen
il 08/03/2017

Sit in the front row and enjoy the presentation of the All-New Jeep® Compass directly from the Geneva Motor Show.

The All-New Jeep® Compass offers an unmatched combination of attributes that includes legendary and best in class 4×4 off-road capability, contemporary and authentic Jeep design, excellent on-road driving dynamics, open-air freedom and a full array of advanced user-friendly connectivity and safety technologies.

Discover more on:

DE: www.jeep.de/neuer-compass/
ES: www.jeep.es/reveal/
FR: www.jeep.fr/suv-jeep-compass-2017/
IT: www.jeep-official.it/compass/
UK: www.jeep.co.uk/compass/


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