Jeep® and Zooppa found the new Jeepers generation.

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il 14/06/2017

From hardcore Jeepers to millennial Jeepers, who will be the next Jeepers generation?

With the Jeep Wave contest, Jeep® and its community of owners JOG inspired the videomakers of the Zooppa platform, challenging them to show the answer in a series of videos.

Just like in the “Jeep Wave” the Jeep legacy passed down from “hardcore Jeepers” (the long-term owners) to “Millennial Jeepers” (the youngest generation of owners), the contest aim was to receive videos showing how the brand values are transferred to the new generation, more urban and connected, which finds its style in Jeep® Renegade.

Between 89 videos produced, only 7 best winning videos have been selected from the Jeep® brand. They were able to unveil the next Jeepers generation. The 3 finalists have been invited to the annual Camp Jeep for a special rewarding experience from 24th to 25th of June in Germany.

Watch the video-shortlist of the Zooppa project:

YouTube playlist

My Jungle https://youtu.be/BtQmtDnJm_Y
Go get them https://youtu.be/HI1LSydIEoI
Driving to Dinner https://youtu.be/LolPI3SLs3Q
Let’s Jeep https://youtu.be/QW_voZ72NJ8
#JEEPmemories https://youtu.be/cpC1sz4YgJk
Reflections https://youtu.be/jP3LoQRYK3U
Same Spirit, New Track https://youtu.be/aRfeOZq8PRs

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Jeep & Zooppa - The Jeep Wave Project


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