#OffTheMap: Paul Steele, the bald hiker.

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il 30/05/2016

Imagine combining passion for traveling, photography and storytelling into one blog. This is Paul Steele’s mission; today he is one of the world’s most influential travel writers.

Paul comes from the north of England, where mountains, lakes, valleys and fields provided him the inspiration to begin this venture. In 2010, he founded BaldHiker.com, a personal blog that within a few years became a point of reference for information on beautiful locations all over the world, wonderful accommodation, food reviews, travel tips and advice.

Paul is also on social media, where he has more than 700,000 Twitter followers who ‘travel’ around the world with him. Now Paul is ready to share a new mission with everybody: travel #OffTheMap, on board a Jeep® vehicle to reach the locations of the most important Jeep® events.

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