Off-road and on. The Jeep® brand way through the noughties.

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il 08/06/2016

The noughties begin with a general sigh of relief, because the millennium bug theory turns out to be unfounded. Instead the new era starts with people wanting to embrace the future in every possible way: with a new digital music device called iPod, smartphones and, for a Russian millionaire, with a holiday in space.

Meanwhile, the Jeep® brand brings the production of the glorious Cherokee XJ to a close, launching the Liberty KJ on the market. Not only is it the first Jeep® vehicle of the new decade, but also the first Jeep® of the DaimlerChrysler group, born from the merging of Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz and the first vehicle to be powered by Powertech engines.

While Europe adopts a new currency, the Jeep® brand presents the Wrangler Unlimited, a larger version of the TJ, with an additional 25 cm in pitch and 5 cm rear overhang. In USA the 300 millionth inhabitant is born and the legendary brand introduces the Grand Cherokee WJ/WG/W and the Compass, vehicles that aim at increasing on-road performance and adapting the Jeep® spirit to city life. At the same time, the Jeep® Commander is launched as a vehicle suitable for even the harshest off-road terrains.

While Facebook is making a splash and overtaking Google views for a week, Jeep® vehicles never stop transforming to respond to the needs of drivers and their ever increasing demands in terms of technology and reliability.

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